Tree Extraction from River

When the drought broke in 2009/2010 ACT region had torrential rain which created damaging floods of all the local water ways and as a result this dead tree was washed downstream and jammed under a bridge in the Majura Valley.

LMS were engaged to have it removed.

The task was challenging as it was not sure how much of the tree was submerged and weighed and due to weight loadings and width of the bridge crane options were limited.

After a risk assessment was completed and traffic management plan put in place a Frenner crane was used to retrieve the tree from the location and upon removal a number of amazing statistics emerged:

  • Over 80 % of the tree was submerged
  • Diameter of the girth / base was 3.0 m
  • Length of the tree was approximately 7.0 m
  • Estimated weight was 5.0 tonnes

The project took several hours to ensure that the safety of crew members and the integrity of the bridge was intact, once complete the log was placed in nearby paddocks to become a local habitat for the local fauna.

One of the many unique projects that LMS has been involved in over the years.